Alan Watts Book: The Wisdom Of Insecurity


A Message for an Age of Anxiety

The book, 'The Wisdom of Insecurity' is published in 1951. Since Alan Watts spent most of his life getting the Western world to disclose the Eastern philosophy, it is very well reflected in his works. The Wisdom of Insecurity is a classic work which blends both Eastern philosophy and Western religion that draws attention to Watt’s extensive experiences in theses areas.

The work basically tells us about human beings in general, living a continues state of dissatisfaction and anxiety. They urge for things which are absent. These factors arise because of isolating the experiencer from the experience. Watts advocates us to live in the present rather than being indulged in the world of anxiety. The work is a self-help device that stabilies our psychological mind. The transition of Western society after the industrial revolution and its detachment from religion thus moving into consumerism is kept as the root of this work. Anxiety for the future and lamenting about the past, ruin our inner and outer self. Alan Watts makes it clear that by acknowledging the present conditions, we can learn anything that of true worth. The book also paves a path for examing and exploring our inner mind to find intellectual and spiritual assurance in the religious and philosophical realm.