Alan Watts Book: The Way Of Zen


The Way of Zen is a clear-cut presentation of Zen Buddhism which is published in 1957. Alan Watts examines and explains the concepts, notions and principles of ancient religion to the Western world. The book gives a complete clarification of Zen Buddhism which has a massive difference from the Southern Indian Buddhism.
The Way of Zen is completely a non-fiction book, which is divided in to two sections. The first part deals with historical development of Zen Buddhism and second part gives a clear idea on the principles of the same. Alan traces the birth of Zen Buddhism in relation to Chinese Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism. The work also introduces a variety of philosophical concepts such as The Middle Way, anatman and wuwei. Watts, through The Way of Zen gives a clarity of thought on the ways of liberation followed by Zen Buddhism and how it is easily adapted in our lives to lead a quality life.