Alan Watts Book: Out Of Your Mind


Tricksters, Interdependence, and the Cosmic Game of Hide and Seek

The work Out of your Mind is fully charged with the wisdom and legacy of Alan Watts. This most influential work is published in 2010, where you get several gems of thoughts that stabilizes and teaches our mind to see and do what we really need. Out of your Mind undoubtedly makes it clear that Watts’ legacy stood the test of time. Alan Watts shares the idea of getting out of your mind to come to your senses. Through Out of your Mind, Watts teaches us how to manage and expand the boundary of rational mind
Out of your Mind contains six seminars of Alan Watts which have been selected from various recordings by Watts’ son, Mark. In the book, Alan Watts displays his mastery on Eastern and Western philosophy.and the work clearly explores our spiritual self, consciousness and interdependence of things.