Alan Watts Book: Nature, Man And Woman


Nature, Man and Woman published in 1958 reexamines the place of humanity in the world around us. It also discusses the soul’s connection to the human flesh from the spirit of Chinese Taoism. It gives a statement of thought that human beings are isolated from the nature and it must be stabilised. The book also rejects the ideas and assumptions of Western thoughts which includes danger of seduction that sexuality posses. These Western concepts underlie degradation of the Earth, loneliness and hatred to love. Nature, Man and Women challenges those underlieing concept through Chinese Taoism. The book is majestic and delivers an extensive thought of implication. It is undoubtedly a work that can change the way of life by changing the way we think and feel. Through Taoism, Nature, Man and Woman grant us a majestic and holistic way of seeing the inner and outer self.