Alan Watts Book: Become What You Are


The book 'Become what you are' published in 1957 presents Alan Watts’ meditations and reflections on the dilemma of capturing the true self. Become what you are exposes the playfulness and intelligence of thought and simplicity of language that has made him famous as an exponent of Eastern thoughts for Westerners.

In the book, he discusses various philosophical ideas and offers practical wisdom of the life of human beings. He rejects the thought of ego which is to be avoided but is unavoidable in every aspect of life. Changing the nature of life is the root of this work. It gives a lively effect on your mind and examines how the reality works in several aspects and variants of life situations. It gives the basic knowledge on Zen and Tao from which the detailed idea of wisdom is understood. The whole concept revolves around seeing life as it is which is the taoist notion of joyful living.