Alan Watts Book: Alan Watts In A Fly


A Brisk Journey through the Life of the Zen Proponent (Life & Legacy In a Fly Book 1)

A Brisk Journey through the Life of Alan Watts

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Alan Watts is best revered by his Western admirers as the simpler interpreter of Eastern philosophy. He was the most alluring leader of the 1960's 'San Francisco Renaissance' and his books were deemed as the bibles of the hippy movement.

Alan Watts wrote the best sellers, 'The Way of Zen' and 'Nature, Man and Woman' and has more than 25 books in his credit on diverse topics such as cybernetics, semantics, process philosophy, natural history and Eastern and Western religion. Attracted towards Buddhism, he first trained Zen under a master, but soon gave up it before he was ordained. In 1951, Alan Watts joined the American Academy of Asian Studies as a faculty where he acquainted with many famous Chinese and Japanese philosophers. In 1957, Alan’s best book 'The way of Zen' was published in which he portrayed the cultural and philosophical backgrounds of Zen in India and China and also included his own cybernetic principles for a blissful Zen Life.

Spurred as a counterculture celebrity, Alan Watts soon attracted immense followers as well as critics. He bid adieu this material life on 16 November 1973. This book throw light on the life and teachings of Alan Watts. Spare your time to go through this beautiful biographical collection of this Zen Buddhist leader.